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Επιλογή Σελίδας

Matrimonial agency “Pappas”

Since 1939 we have been quality services to the elite of Athenian and International society. Men and women fro all walks of life and professions come to our office in search of their reliable partner in life. Lawyers, business people, engineers, army officers, etc, wealthy ex-patriots. Good looking ladies of good upbringing seek the man of their life through our office. We are also in close cooperation with parents of the interested parties where and when this is required.
Our agency located at Omirou 38, Kolonaki, Athens, Tel.: +302103620147 Email: g-pappas@otenet.


Our office is located in Athens, in Kolonaki at no. 38 Omirou street. Kolonaki is an area of Athens famous for its wealth and wealthy people who live in it. Our office has a long history. Since 1939 when it was established by my grandfather. He used to be a successful real estate agent who incidentally noticed that is wealthy clients, following the successful purchase of a house or property, frequently asked him whether or not he knew someone to introduce to them as a potential match for their daughter or son. So, my grandfather tried this and the results were encouraging. Soon after, he thought that it would be better for him if he organized this matchmaking process in a more professional way, by establishing a matchmaking agency. In the course of time, his son and father of mine, continued this successful business and even established a building construction company which he run in a parallel with his matchmaking business. His aim has always been the happy and successful match between two people. A happy couple usually wants happiness also for their friends or relatives and this is why they are all too eager to introduce our office to them. I personally followed the legacy of my father and since the age of 18 in parallel with my studies I started to engage in the family matchmaking business with success. This was aided by the climate of Greece and the conviction that the Greek people have in family. The creation and the continuation of family. Up to now I have managed to conclude 19.200 marriages and I believe that the work of our firm will be continued by my daughters. It must be noted that our office has worked even for me. My current wife was 18 years old when she came to this office from Zakynthos in search for a serious relationship. She came and talked to me and when I saw that she showed interest in me I immediately seized the opportunity. We run advertising campaigns in a variety of media including TV, newspapers, the internet and magazines to ensure a better service to our clients. We also committed to international matchmaking.
Tel.: +302103620147 Fax: +302103636546 Email: g-pappas@otenet.gr

Matchmaking agency “PAPPAS” operates from 1939 and until now we have reached over 19.200 marriages. Marriage is a very important issue in our lives. Our task is to find the appropriate person for you. Your soul mate. Everyone wants to create family, so if you are single or you have divorced we can help you to get married with someone who has the same interests with you.
Our members are successful people from all over the world. Rich people from north Europe, U.S.A., Canada and Australia.
Our agency located at Omirou 38, Kolonaki, Athens, Tel.: +30 2103620147, +30 6944137189 Email: g-pappas@otenet.gr.

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